Be prepared, 17% of American have this happen to them while on vacation

 You don’t want to believe something can go wrong on your vacation, but are your friends, relatives, neighbors prepared if it does?

When your relative, close friend, or neighbor tells you they are going on vacation your instinct is to be excited for them.  They usually give a few details about their upcoming amazing trip including dates, where they are going, and what they will be seeing.  A few months down the road they call you to tell you they are leaving and you wish them safe travels.  As you hang up the phone, you try to remember the details of the trip but come up short in remembering.  You shrug your shoulders and say to yourself you will 100_1068hear all about it when they get back. 

The truth is, are you prepared if something does happen?  Do you have any of the details including airline, hotel, cruise ship, travel insurance?  Are you prepared if they called and told you they needed to you to call the travel insurance company? 

In 2014 a survey was taken showing that one in six Americans or 17% of those who traveled had their travel impacted by medical problems, natural disasters like a hurricane, or mechanical or carrier caused issued which delayed their trip for more than 3 hours.  Let me make the numbers sound larger, if we had a full Southwest flight of 143 people and 17% of them will have some type of travel issue, that means 24 people on this flight.  How about a cruise ship with 3500 people?  Almost 600 of those passengers will have some type of travel issue.  That is a lot of people.  The question is, is your relative one of them?

Even when your relative tells you the details they don’t really tell you the WHOLE DETAILED ITINERARY.  If you don’t have the WHOLE DETAILED ITINERARY and you need to contact them, it can become a guessing game of where in the world are my relatives?  Don’t let this happen to you.  Ask your relative for the detailed itinerary and the information for the travel insurance company in case you would have to call on their behave.  Life is Better Traveling always provides an extra copy of the detailed itinerary to give out to a relative, neighbor or close friend just by simply asking for it.  We will not let your relative know what you paid for the trip, but they are given the details of which cruise ship, airline, hotels, and travel insurance. 

So next time you or your relatives book a vacation, make sure to set aside some time to talk. Talk about the detailed itinerary and explain that you would like them to have this just in case, or why you would like to have it of theirs. No one ever likes to plan for “just in case”, but when you realize how high the number of people impacted is then it just makes sense.  And remember that this extra itinerary is free of charge at Life is Better Traveling and we are always looking out for our travelers. Feel free to pass this email along to the people you think of while reading this!

P.S. I just had all my relatives in Europe the last two weeks and having their information on hand gave me peace of mind. 

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