Bridget Leyda, Travel Consultant 

Hi! I'm Bridget, a wife, mom, and passionate traveler. Nothing is more inspiring, restorative and exciting than vacation. Whether it was a month in Europe backpacking through 5 countries after college, a swanky all inclusive resort in the Caribbean for a week all alone, visiting the town from where my ancestors hailed with my extended family in Ireland, an exciting honeymoon in Hawaii with my husband, a few days in a mountain retreat with my girlfriends, or road trips with my kids, I am always packed up and ready to go!

Cruising, in particular, really spoke to me, especially as a mom. Let's face it, traveling with kids isn't always the easiest or most relaxing thing for parents! But on a cruise? EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY! There really is something for everyone! Games, pools, activities galore! And the food? Even little picky eaters will find something delicious! And it gives you the opportunity to spend time in ports that you or your family may end up wanting to book for a longer trip.

I would LOVE to help guide you on your next adventure with  your family, friends or even alone (I've done it a few times and it is magical). 

The overwhelming amount of information and planning can be something you can take off your plate.

Let me handle tailoring your vacation to fit YOUR unique needs! You won't need to sweat the details, but just get ready to sweat out in the sunshine, on a beach, with a cool drink in your hand!

Bridget can help you plan your next family vacation or European getaway.  Simply fill out the form below and Bridget will get back with you soon!

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