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"Customized European Vacation Planning"

Maybe you haven’t been to Europe before and you have a lot of questions.  Maybe you have been to Europe on multiple occasions and want some ideas on unique experiences.  Life is Better Traveling is one of the top European vacation planning travel agencies on the east coast.  


Each year we help hundreds of clients enjoy unique experiences throughout Europe.  Some of our clients have enjoyed private cooking classes in a local's home on the cliffs of Fira in Greece.  Other clients have enjoyed private tours of the Vatican museum at night, or privately toured the underground area of the Colosseum.  Our agents have personally enjoyed their private chocolate and French pastry tasting tour through the streets of Montparnasse in Paris, France.  


Our job as your travel advisor is to make sure you have experiences that will create memories and stories for a lifetime.  We aren’t here to just book your flights, hotels, transfers, and rail.  We plan so that this chapter in your book of life is one that you will want to read over and over again.   

You have been a pleasure to work with and we are so impressed with your knowledge, thoroughness, and pleasant professionalism.  It gives us much peace of mind that all the details have been taken care of.

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Europe Country Hopping

Customized Country-to-country Planning 

Europe is made up of so many amazing countries.  Sometimes our clients want to see multiple countries in one trip.  It is actually quite easy to spend a few days in London and then head to Paris.  Maybe you want to tour Italy for a week and then sail along the Croatian coast.  At Life is Better Traveling, our clients tell us the countries they want to visit and what they want to experience.  We craft a customized itinerary that includes everything from hotels to adventures to seamlessly getting from country to country. 

mary at pompeii

Customized in-destination European Vacation Planning

"Top Selling Travel Agency in the Northeast and Pittsburgh for Customized In-Destination European Vacations in 2018 & 2019."  by Europe Express

Europe is a fascinating continent filled with UNESCO Heritage sites, buildings that seem to be stuck in time, cultures that still embrace their ancestors beliefs and ways, and exotic spices that make your taste buds jump.  

People travel to Europe to learn and see what they read about in history books or what they saw on the television.  One little spark can make the imagination curious and the next thing you are on plane to a foreign country.

Baltic Sea Cruise

Ocean Cruise Planning

Cruising is a great way to see some of the most unique islands and destinations in Europe.  Cruising around the Greek Islands is one of the most spectacular and popular ways to really immerse yourself in the different regions of Greece.  Another popular cruise with our clients is the Baltic Sea cruise.  The dichotomy of various Northern European countries is one of the most eye-opening opportunities and captivating experiences.  


If you are ready to explore places only a big ship can go, then let’s dive in! 

River Cruise in Europe

River Cruise planning

One of our favorite river cruise lines at Life is Better Traveling can take you through 14 countries in one sailing!  Now that sounds like a great vacation to us, but many of our clients enjoy a week long river cruise.  With so many European rivers to choose from we are here to help you find the perfect one for what you want to see and do.  


Unpack once, enjoy all-inclusive food, beverages, and activities, and enjoy stepping off the boat right into the city ready to explore.  After all, river cruising takes you through countries allowing unique adventures.  

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Benefits of Planning with a Life is Better Traveling Agent

How to pack a suit case


We plan a vacation that you want to take, not one that is pre-set for you. See the sites that you want to see and on your time.

After our initial phone conversation, we plan an itinerary based on what we discussed.  After you review the itinerary, we go back and forth until you feel 100% confident in taking the trip.   Our job is make you feel excited about your vacation.  

Travel Preferences 

With having planned thousands of European vacations, we know that each person enjoys things differently.  Our job is find out what you enjoy and to incorporate those things into your vacation.  

Maybe you are a big foodie and enjoy cooking classes with a private chef, or maybe you want to see the Vatican museum at night when the general public isn't around.  We are here to listen to you so we can help you have those experiences.  

chauffer services

Comprehensive Arrangements 

Our clients are looking for us to put everything together for them from flights, hotels, transfers, to rail.  We exclusively work with people who want a European experience.  

We work with you to find the best flights, hotels in amazing locations, and plan unique tours that will have you telling stories to your friends for years.  We put it all together for you in a stress-free, easily to read package.  

Direct Contact 

In today's world nobody has time to wait on hold for four hours just to ask a question.  At Life is Better Traveling, our travel advisors are always one-phone call or an email away.  

We are here to answer all your questions or concerns regarding your trip.  Once you are booked with one of our agents we also provide you tips about traveling in European and what to expect while in destination.  

awards Highlight

Magellan award

Four Time Magellan Award Winner

Magellan awards represent the BEST in the travel industry.  Judged by peers in the industry, Life is Better Traveling repeatedly wins this prestigious award as our peers see the amazing work we are doing.  

5 star rated travel agents

A combined 238 5-Star Reviews

Our clients have spoken with their reviews.  Our Life is Better Traveling agents are great at what they do!

5-Star Google Reviews

Deanna Hull
October 31, 2022.
Kayla is wonderful! She is knowledgeable about the destinations, is quick to reply, and very organized. Our trip was well planned and customized, all documentation and information neatly organized and there was no stress. I highly recommend her to anyone that is planning a vacation.
Tarah Petersen
October 31, 2022.
Kayla has helped plan two big trips for me! She is very knowledgeable and patient. She never seems bothered by my many questions. I highly recommend using her for your next vacation.
Elizabeth Kotroba
October 29, 2022.
Melissa is the best! She was very thorough with the planning, asking what each member of our family was interested in and matching up activities and meals to those interests. She helped us form a game plan for each park, each day. She really shared in our joy and excitement. And to close the loop, when we arrived home she wanted to hear all about the trip to make sure we had a great time and that she didn't miss a detail. We highly recommend Melissa to make your WDW dreams come true!
The Youngs
October 28, 2022.
Our European river cruise with added stays in Budapest and Nuremberg was perfectly put together by Mary. Her attention to detail and follow-through with our requests was superb. Private transfers that she arranged were completely dependable and professional. Hotels that she booked were lovely and located conveniently close to the attractions we wanted to see. We highly recommend Mary and her company for your next travel arrangements!
Don McConnell
October 28, 2022.
This was our first overseas trip and Mary did an incredible job of guiding two newbies in the confusing world of international travel. Everything went seamlessly and she covered everything on our wish list based on simply talking with us for a few hours. We'll definitely use her services again and have been recommending her to all our friends since our return.
marcandyoko palmisiano
October 21, 2022.
Mary was great at customizing our trip! Our vacation turned out perfect!
Barbara Fischer
October 21, 2022.
So nice and very knowledgeable.
Suzan Petersen
October 20, 2022.
Mary has provided great support and guidance as I ventured out as a solo traveler. This type of trip brings concerns of safety, convenience and most importantly, enjoyment! She helped me find the right trip with a reliable company and completed all of my flight scheduling. I knew that she was only a phone call away should I have any concerns. I had a great time and I look forward to additional trips soon.Thanks Mary!
Marty F.
October 11, 2022.
Andrea Erbrecht was amazing to work with …she planned our trip to Disney, August of 2022. It was a Multigenerational trip of a lifetime. She was so knowledgeable and was able to take into account the needs and interests of our group which was so important! We let her know what we wanted to do and she was able to schedule and also make wise suggestions to make our trip fun and enjoyable for all. I would highly recommend Traveling with Andrea for your next trip- she takes the stress out of planning. I know I will use her services for our next trip!!
Darren Little
October 7, 2022.
We had a great trip thanks to all of Emily’s help and expertise. She answered all our questions and addressed any concerns we had quickly. We’re already looking forward to planning our next trip with her! Thanks, Emily Nugent!

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