Deicing the Plane… how it works.

We have had a mild winter up until last week when the temperatures plummeted to single digits. Even with this mild winter if you have been flying you will see those trucks out on the runway with the big arms spraying down the airplanes. It reminds me of a car wash but for airplanes. So, what is the
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Is your family vaccinated for their next vacation?

If you have decided to travel outside of the country there are many things that you need to check-off your list to get done. Get a passport, get a visa, if needed, what do I need to pack, how will I be able to translate the language, what will I eat, and the list goes on. One
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UPDATE: Attention PA Residents!

UPDATE: As of September 28, 2018, PA residents will now be able to use their current driver’s license as means of identification to board domestic flights until August 1, 2019.   Governor Wolf’s administration released this information… Department of Homeland Security Grants Pennsylvania REAL ID Enforcement Extension   As promised, Life is Better Traveling is
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Tips to Traveling Safely

Are you becoming nervous to travel?   Here are some tips on how to feel more confident when you travel   We recently had a booth at the Wine and Food festival showcasing wine-themed river cruises.  I love talking about Europe, as we have traveled to 19 countries in Europe, and I love talking about
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Is convenience always better?

When you travel you always try to make it convenient for yourself.  Some of the things that I have purchased over the years to make travel convenient include a blow up neck pillow, a blow up cushioned seat, smart tablets, versatile clothing, RFID blocking purse, belt with hidden compartment for money and credit cards, foldable
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A amazing article I had to share.

When you find something that resonates with you, you just have to share it!   Find out why I had to share this article….   My heart goes out to the small country of Belgium where their trusting and easy going nature, was taken advantage during the attack back in 2016.  When we had an
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Free Wi-Fi, how to get it when traveling!

Are you paying for Wi-Fi when you travel? How to get Free Wi-Fi…   Is Free Wi-Fi important in your hotel stay decision?  I recently read an article about how having free Wi-Fi in your hotel is becoming an increasing popular demand among guests.  Surprisingly, it is not just the millennials who are demanding it
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I love this travel gadget! Find out why….

By the end of this article you will want a portable charger, here is why…   If a store has a travel section, you will find me in it.  Usually in the luggage section there is a small kiosk of travel gadgets.  This is the section where I rummage through what new device or gadget
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