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About Judi

If you love rich culture, warm weather, beautiful beaches, shopping and some of the most genuinely authentic people you will ever meet, the Philippines is a wonderful destination but we are really talking about our own travel agent, Judi Logan.  She was born in the Philippines and has the same qualities one would expect from a place where the beaches are as beautiful in pictures as they are in person. 

Judi has a real passion for getting to know people.  She is truly authentic in her approach to getting to know everyone, and knows how to tap into someone’s passion for travel.  Being a mother of a large family, she is the one usually meeting the needs of the family.  However, when planning a vacation, she knows how to reach into your vacation planning needs.    

Judi loves to cruise.  With cruising she finds a freedom as soon as she boards the ship.  She experiences what it is like to be the center of attention, from the welcoming aboard, to the clean spacious rooms, to some of the best food she has ever tasted, and ongoing list of activities.  She finds that there is something for everyone aboard a cruise ship.  Cruising gives her an abundance of excursion choices fitting exactly what she is passion about, travel!

When Judi is not cruising she loves to visit, Orlando, Florida!   With two of the greatest theme parks in the world, Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, there is fun for everyone of all ages, especially everyone in her large family.  Disney is specifically close to Judi’s heart as she had an opportunity to experience being an intern with Disney.  She learned the inner workings of Walt Disney World, which has given her the knowledge and understanding of how to plan an amazing Walt Disney World vacation. 

Even though she worked for Disney, Judi loves to head over to Universal Orlando.  Judi and her family spent quite a bit of time falling in love with all the themed experiences both parks had to offer.   From 4-D action rides that you make feel like you are part of the ride, to the amazing dining experiences, both parks had plenty to offer to her large family.

Judi’s desire is to share her passion, knowledge and life experience with others who are interested in planning a vacation with someone who is authentic and has a true passion for travel. 

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