TableTalk : Disney’s Bounceback Offer!

Our fifth table talk is about Disney’s Bounce Back Offer. You want to make sure you listen to this one as you can save thousands of dollars while on your next Disney Vacation with what we talk about. Fill out the form below to get started planning your next European Vacation.  Looking for a motor
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Vacation Rentals : Good or Bad?

I recently had a person contact me regarding helping plan a vacation to Italy. Before wanting to work with me in planning this trip with them they had one question…”Do you book Air BnB? We want the Authentic Italian Vacation feel and we feel that staying at AirBnB places will do that for us.”  Year after year,
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Racecation lately?

Have you ever paired your vacation with a conference or trade show you are attending?  Perhaps you take vacation before or after visiting out-of-town friends or family?  I have done both of these things.  I figure that if I am already in the area why not take advantage of it, especially when part of the
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Druids and St. Patrick, oh my!

Every year on March 17th we celebrate St. Patrick’s day, but do most of us know the history behind St. Patrick’s Day?  We probably did at some point, but it has slipped from our memory.  Well, the Irish have been celebrating this day for over a 1,000 years!   It is the religious feast day and
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Find out THIS about each Greek Island…

One of my favorite places to help plan a vacation is to Greece.  Yes, it has a bit to do with me coming from a Greek family, but also my experience of personally having been to many of the islands. When I first started traveling to Europe, my husband and I picked a 12-night cruise around
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Windmills, Lions, Beaches, OH MY!

When you think of Greece you think of the iconic white-washed walls and grey cobblestone streets.  You dream of sunny weather, clear water, good food, and Greek Yia-Yia’s (Greek for Grandmother) inviting you into their home for some dancing and fun.  OPA!   Well, when you visit the Islands of Greece you can get this
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Which type of road trip does your family take?

When my husband had the opportunity again to speak at a conference in Charleston, South Carolina we instantly decided to turn it into a family vacation.  We had taken the family two years ago when he had the opportunity to speak and we had so much fun.  Deciding to go again was an easy decision. 
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Is Hawaii safe to visit?

Are you thinking of taking a Hawaiian vacation but aren’t sure if the recent volcano eruption will make for a bad vacation?  Are you concerned all the Hawaiian Islands are affected?  At Life is Better Traveling, we are here to help you get a better understanding of what is going on in Hawaii so you
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What a GEM on the Adriatic Sea…

This Old Town in port has Old World charm with one of, if not the oldest pharmacy’s in the world.  This city has been a maritime city for centuries and due to its easy access to the sea, became one of the wealthiest port cities in Europe.  Over the vast years Dubrovnik has seen its
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Kids Cleveland… so many activities

A few weeks before school started our family decided to take a day trips outside of Pittsburgh. We thought it would be a fun way to end the summer and I was excited to go somewhere new.  We had heard amazing things about Cleveland, Ohio.  After looking up a few places to take the kids,
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