The Birth of the All-Inclusive Resort

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With the winter months just around the corner, we have been getting a lot of requests for getaways to the Caribbean and Mexico. The birthplace of the “all-inclusive” resort.  Ahhhh, the place where you can eat and drink as much as you want, and be as lazy as you want with no judgment except from your inner self. 

So why are there no all-inclusives in the United States?  

The initial purpose of the all-inclusive was to get people to destinations that may not have been safe to go but had beautiful beaches.  Why let a beautiful beach go to waste!  So countries such as Mexico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic built beautiful resorts that provided everything you needed so you wouldn’t have to off property, even private transfers to and from the airport.  Initially a lot of these resorts had armed guards to keep you safe.  

Over the years however, many of these countries have become more safe.  People have started to venture off property to do various excursions such as seeing waterfalls, cooking with the locals, and even Travelanthropy (travel + philanthropy).   These resorts have brought many jobs to the various communities within these countries.  However, many of these communities are still financially hurting.  There are many things you can do to help the community if you’re interested.  You can bring stuff for the local schools, take some food to shelters, or help paint some local community buildings where many people gather.  The help is much appreciated.  If you are looking for more information on helping out on your next trip, let me know as I can help set it up for you.    

So back to the original question “why aren’t there all-inclusives in the United States?”  We get asked this question all the time.  The US is fairly safe to venture out and go to a local restaurant or do some sight-seeing.  If hotels start to become all-inclusive, then the local community starts to suffer.  No one is going to restaurants, no one is shopping, and no one is enjoying excursions.  If you are traveling within the US and are looking for a food plan, then ask your travel agent if the hotel or resorts provides a food plan such as breakfast, or a combination of breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner.  Food allows more flexibility to eat at the local restaurants.  

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"I wanted to also say what a pleasure it’s been planning our trip with you. We really think your ideas would have made our trip to Italy a trip of a lifetime. We are looking forward to re-booking this vacation when the virus situation is no longer an issue. I also can’t thank you enough for all your help. Reg and I are so looking forward to calling you with new dates someday hopefully soon."

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 “Mary is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! She was extremely knowledgeable about each of the cities we went to and different excursions we were able to try. She gave us wonderful recommendations of what to do and what is not worth the time and/or money. She was very organized and sent us a binder of our itinerary as well as all of the vouchers we would need for our trip. She set up personal transfers from the airports/train stations/hotels/etc. which was wonderful! We did not have to worry about what time we needed to leave or how we were going to get there. This allowed us to enjoy our trip and not stress about the details. I would recommend Mary to anyone looking for an amazing and stress-free trip! She thinks of every little thing and is there to guide you every step of the way! I will definitely be using her anytime we need a vacation and recommending her to all of our friends and family!!



We have changed the Greece dates to 2023.  We had so many people interested in traveling with us, but still wanted to wait another year.  We want everyone to feel comfortable, so we have decided to move the dates to 2023.    

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