I love this travel gadget! Find out why….

By the end of this article you will want a portable charger,

here is why…


If a store has a travel section, you will find me in it.  Usually in the luggage section there is a small kiosk of travel gadgets.  This is the section where I rummage through what new device or gadget is going to make it easier for me to travel.  Some work, and some are complete failures.  I always have to share with you the ones that I absolutely love and do make it easier for me to travel.  So here is my latest favorite travel gadget find….the portable smart device charger!


If you already have one of these portable charges then you know how much easier your life is when your phone is on its last bar of battery.  You plug in your phone and go.  Your phone is charging while you are shopping, sitting in the airport, or even on the plane.  It is that easy.  No more stalking for an outlet at the airport to charge your phone, smart device, or even laptop.  Portable chargers are the best thing to have with you no matter where you are traveling to and everyday life. 

Most portable chargers are the size of a wallet or a small tube that easily fits into your back pocket or even your smallest purse.  Depending on the manufacturer of the charger you can choose from various colors or patterns.  The best part of portable charges is that they are compatible with most smart devices because they have a USB port so you can take any charger that has a USB adapter and plug it into the charger and charge your device.  Some chargers have enough power to charge your phone to 100% then you will have to recharge it, but some haven enough power to charge a phone and a tablet in one charge. 


Even though I said this is my latest travel gadget find, I really bought one last Christmas in the travel section at Marshalls.  When I brought it home, my husband rolled his eyes at me and said you really can plug your phone in anywhere we go.  Yes, this is true.  You can plug your phone in anywhere you go, but you are tied down to where it is plugged in.  On our trip in April, I thought to myself that I am going to bring it along, just in case.  Sometimes, when my phone is roaming for a long period of time it drains my battery faster than it takes time to charge it.  So as we are walking around the Bahamas, I hear that dreaded, Beep, Beep.  Yup, my phone only had 10% battery life left so I plugged it into my portable charge, put it in my purse and did some sight-seeing.  After an hour, I was up to 80% battery life and the portable charger still had three out of four bars left of battery life.  My husband couldn’t believe it.  Needless to say, anytime we go to an amusement park, museum, or any day trip my husband asks me if I have the portable charger with us.  It really is so convenient and easy to use, and its size makes it so easy to take with you.


So next time you are in the store, check out the travel section and see what gadgets will make your life easier to travel.  If you have one you like or love, feel free to email us back and let us know what your favorite ones are so we can share with everyone.


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