The #1 Visited Cathedral in Ireland!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral In just a few short months I will be taking a group of people through the Irish Countryside visiting castles, libraries, museums, ruins, and of course distilleries. Many times when people call me about putting together a trip to Ireland they want me to include Blarney Castle but one of the most iconic
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Druids and St. Patrick, oh my!

Every year on March 17th we celebrate St. Patrick’s day, but do most of us know the history behind St. Patrick’s Day?  We probably did at some point, but it has slipped from our memory.  Well, the Irish have been celebrating this day for over a 1,000 years!   It is the religious feast day and
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Have you KISSED this?

Kissing this might bring you luck… Everyone wants the gift of eloquence and the luck of the Irish.  Some say the Irish are gifted with this by kissing a stone, the Blarney Stone to be exact.  It’s all down to the Blarney Stone, not Leprechauns. For over two centuries people have been coming to Blarney
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