Best Exhibit Ever!!!

This is by far the BEST exhibit I have been to in a long time!

This is for all ages so please read.

We have been the to the Children’s Museum in Pittsburgh on several occasions since we moved to Pittsburgh two years ago.  The museum is three floors of activities for children of all ages, and even adults are seen playing around, including myself.  I have several favorite areas in this museum, but my utmost favorite is on the first floor where kids and adults can do hands on activities such as watercolor painting, using chalk and crayons to make masterpieces, model clay into fabulous bowls, and screen printing.  The screen printing is quite unique as you cut out an object(s), letter(s), or anything your creativity can come up with, out of newspaper.  You take the newspaper pieces to the screen, paint over your cut out, and what is left behind is a painted outline.  The best part is that the little kids think it is magic.

Even with the painting, a water floor, and sand area, the Children’s museum always goes above and beyond with their special exhibits.  On this particular visit the special exhibit was a childhood favorite for all ages, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  The Children’s museum does not spare any expense when it comes to their special exhibits whether they are big or small, and this exhibit was no different.  I actually felt like I had stepped into the TV and was on the set of Daniel Tiger. 

The exhibit was cleverly planned in that all the houses, school room, chairs, toys and characters were child size.  As an adult it made me feel like a very tall person, but for the kids, everything was at their height level.  All the characters were child size so my children could play with them and even try to hug them.  Daniel Tiger’s hut was just big enough for the children, and so was the school room.  There was plenty of activities at each area for the kids to do including learning how to deliver mail like Mister McFeely.  They even had several wheeled mail pouches you could use to deliver the mail.  Daniel and friends have wearable fire trucks, ambulances, and trucks so they recreated them here out of heavy duty card board.  The kids loved them and you could hear several kids making the sounds of their respective vehicle. 

If you know Mister Roger’s neighborhood or have watched Daniel Tiger with your family, you know that there are many positive messages and they usually come in the form of a song.  Various stations around the exhibit asked that you write something down that made you feel good about yourself or leaving behind a positive emotion.  One station had green leaves and asked that you write down a thank you for someone who has done something nice for you.  Of course, if a child was having trouble with considering who this would be, there was a song that you can sing to help.  Once you had filled out the leaf, you would simply place it onto the tree and the tree started to resemble the tree where Katerina Kittycat and O the Owl live.

The Daniel Tiger exhibit will be at the Children’s museum until January 17, 2017, so if you live in the Pittsburgh area or find yourself out this way, make sure to stop in and see this amazing exhibit.  Children and adults of all ages will surly enjoy it.






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