Christmas Time! Plan on getting away.

There are 114 days until Christmas!  This means you still have plenty of time to think about taking the family away for Christmas on that much needed vacation.  You are probably thinking that you can’t think about planning a Christmas vacation when your summer vacation just ended, right?  I am here to tell you, you can!  In just a few shorts weeks the dynamic in your house will be changing.  There will be homework, football or field hockey practices, school plays, early morning band practices, after school clubs, and the list goes on!  Soon you will feel like you need a vacation and planning now will have you glad you did. 


Now Americans typically feel guilty going away at Christmas time.  Various thoughts run through our heads like, what will the family think, who will cook the ham, and what will I do about presents?  More and more families are finding that they need a break from the hectic fall season.  Between the back to school activities, fundraisers, Black Friday planning, church activities, parties, and Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations we put up we do lot of work on top of actually going to work!  Yikes, give yourself a much needed vacation during Christmas.  Let someone else can cook the ham or buy one pre-cooked, make sure to mail the presents in advance, and put the Christmas lights on a timer.   

Taking a vacation over Christmas is becoming very popular among Americans, and I am thinking now you see why.  There may be one last thought running through your mind at this point, “But Mary what about those long lines at the airport?”  According to the Department of Transportation only 5 to 6 percent of those traveling during the holiday season use air, rail, or bus as their means of travel.  If you travel during the week instead of the weekend you will have even less people to worry about.   Are you ready to just say, “Ok family, this Christmas we are going away.”  I guarantee that excitement about the place you are going to whether it be Europe, Colorado, Caribbean, or Florida, everyone will be happy and relaxed!


So now are you ready to start planning your amazing Christmas vacation with the family?  There are still several great places you can book including private villas in Italy!  Call us today!

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