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​Thinking of starting to plan that Honeymoon?

​Making sure you pick the right travel agency to work with any be a tough decision.  Let us help you with why our clients love working with Life is Better Traveling. 

At Life ​is Better Traveling we believe that people want to travel because they want to have an experience.  Whether that experience is relaxation, finding inner peace, learning a new culture, enjoying the tastes of various cuisines, stepping in the footsteps of their ancestors, and/or seeing that bucket list item they have been wanting to see all their life.  The experience is what brings a sense of happiness, joy, and passion into our lives.  It is the experience of travel that puts a smile on our faces when we dream back to those vacations.​​

Our job is to make sure that each and every client gets the EXPERIENCE that they want out of their vacation.  We work with you from day one on planning the vacation you want, more than just what you could book online.  We are also available to you while you are on your vacation, no automated systems to call.  You directly get your travel agent each time.  Life is Better Traveling is proud to say that our clients keep coming back to work with us because we pride ourselves on integrity, honesty, service, and a large amount of PASSION for what we do.

Remember, when you book with a team member from Life is Better Traveling you are supporting a family.  Supporting local families puts money back into our communities.  Thank you to everyone who supports each member of our team!

Caribbean, Cruises, and United States including Hawaii Travel Specialist

​Heather Joyce 

Cruise and Caribbean Specialist

​Amanda Stocker 

Hawaii, Cruise, and Caribbean Specialist

​European Land and Cruise Packages and Tahiti

​​sonja hester

​European Specialist

​Mary Yohannan

​European and Tahitian Specialist