Is life is better traveling the right host agency for you?

Are you looking to become a travel agent or do you already have a travel business that you want to turn into a full-time job time?  Is the search for the right host agency tiring and frustrating because you just don’t know who to choose?  

I have been there myself when I first started out.  I was weeding through emails and websites trying to determine who would help me grow my travel agency.  I picked a host-agency where I was one of 3500 other agents.  Getting my questions answered took days, and I had not idea of all the thing available to me.

I had only been with my host agency for 18 months, when I knew I wanted to own my own travel agency.  When I founded Life is Better Traveling I knew I wanted to foster a genuine, reliable, and honest-to-goodness brand where travel agents would be enriched, valuable, and build the travel businesses they wanted.  If you are looking for a host agency who is 100% supportive of only YOU, always available to answer questions, and you want to truly be part of a team that builds you up, then Life is Better Traveling may be the right fit for you.

At Life is Better Traveling, we provide an amazing toolbox of tools to help you succeed.  Some of the tools we offer include:

  • Build your travel business with the commissions you earn, and you will be able to accelerate your travel business with our high commission splits going up to 100%.
  • Your performance and accomplishments are rewarded through our tangible, tiered commission levels. 
  • Monthly Mastermind Session talking about marketing, promotions, rules and regulations, and so much more!
  • Generate new, viable leads with a smart designed Leads program allowing you to showcase your skills and versatility as a travel professional while pinpointing your target market. 
  • Opt-in for Free Award-Winning direct mail and email programs with 50+ travel industry leading suppliers helping you reach profitable new markets
  • Learn how to market your travel business so you continue to growth year after year with our High-Content, Implementable Marketing Strategies.

  • For those clients who demand excellence, give them exclusive cruise amenities that are available on thousands of departure dates all around the world. 
  • Use a hotel system that gives you instant access to over 30,000 hotels and villas all over the world allowing you to enhance your commissions and provide amenities to your clients that even OTA’s cannot.
  • There is simply no comparison to the client relationship management (CRM) system our agency uses.  Record all PNR information, keep track of client spending and yearly bookings, commissions owed and paid, build beautiful quotes that turn easily into invoices, track payments, set-up workflows for emails and tasks, and enjoy email marketing all in one easy, simple to use system. 
  • You can have total control of owning your own travel agency with your own independent contractors with our “Ready to go own your own brand” training and selection of a 100% commission tier.
  • You will have access to powerful training strategies for taking charge of how to market your travel business, avoiding price matching, dealing with difficult clients, selling with confidence, and so many beneficial, integral training's to make you a success. 
  • Twice a month Zoom meetings with the travel agency owner and manager to enhance your travel business.
  • Business growing tools available to you 24/7 in our own consultant page portal.
  • Be a part of team that is here is to help you, pick you up when you are feeling down, and enjoy attending conferences together.
  • We celebrate wins!

Life is Better Traveling Team Events

Pick a commission split that is good for you and your travel business needs.  

New Travel Agent commission option

If you are just starting and think you may want to be part-time, this level may work good for you.

60% Commission Level
Sub-Agents not permitted

$249 Start-Up Fee for the first year
then $99/year 

seasoned travel agent commission option

If you are just starting but want to be more full-time, or you are seasoned travel agent who is looking for more from a host agency, this level may work good for you.

80% Commission Level
Sub-Agents permitted $20/agent/month
up to 10 agents

$249 Start-Up Fee for the first year
then $169/year 

Travel Business Owner commission option

If you are ready to be a travel business owner mentoring Independent Contractors, this option may work good for you.

100% Commission Level
Sub-Agents permitted $60/agent/month
up to 50 agents

and $349/year 

See what our independent contractors are saying about us...

4 months as being a travel agent does not give me much to go on but 51 years old and experienced in sales and 30 years in health care. I know that my host agency goes above and beyond helping me and directing me for the better good of my clients!
Thank you again and again!

Sonja Hester  //  Independent Contractor with Life is Better Traveling

From day one, Mary has been encouraging and empowering. She has shared her knowledge and many resources. She has given me the confidence to look at working as an IC as a fulfilling career choice that I have made for the long-term. She is always available to answer any questions that I have, and shares real-world advice as well as realistic perspectives. Her accessibility is that something which I greatly appreciate, and I firmly believe it has been a key factor in my early and continued success. I highly value the leadership and direction of this wonderful company, and especially the personal and genuine commitment that Mary makes to her ICs. Mary's wholehearted dedication to the success and growth of her ICs shines through in everything that she does. I think that her leadership, time and the expertise that she pours into this company, make Life is Better Traveling the true *whole* package. It is a great agency for a wide range of ICs spanning from beginners in the industry, to seasoned experts looking for a fantastic home base.

Melissa Snyder  //  Independent Contractor Life is Better Traveling

Mary and LiBT have been great to work with. I came into this experience with no travel industry training and Mary has been patient and kind as I adjust to the learning curve. LiBT now has a more formal training and development program than when I started and I would currently give it 5 stars now that this program is in place. That was the only piece missing when I joined a few months ago. Her training program has been very educational so far. The commission structure is fair and clearly explained. Mary and the other consultants are easy to work with and supportive. Mary is always available when I have questions and I couldn't ask for a better mentor in this journey.

Avril Eklund  //  Building her own travel business, Nellie Dog Travel under Life is Better Traveling

You may have questions and concerns about switching from your current host agency.  I completely understand as that was me at one time, so I have some answers that may help.  

Life is Better Traveling, LLC - Independent Contractor Application

(Please read this portion carefully: You’ll find the application at the bottom. Please do not fill out the application if you are not comfortable with our terms.  Our terms at Life is Better Traveling is that you truly want to build a travel business and not just be a travel agent to get "free travel."  We are looking to individuals who are open to learning through trainings and conferences, have traveled to the destintation they want to help other's plan, and are looking to be part of a team.  If these all sound good to you, please simply fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.)