Do you have anxiety about going to Disney?

This past weekend I had a booth at fitness expo in Allentown, Pennsylvania showcasing Disney Destinations.  The expo was for the St. Luke’s Marathon on Sunday, so those who signed up to run would come in and get their race bibs and shirts.  One of my independent contractors and I set up our booth, put on our glowing Minnie Mouse ears, and were ready to talk about all things Disney, and oh boy, did we talk Disney!  We talked about everything from runDisney events to Disney cruises, but in our conversations with other moms, there still seems to be this hesitation or anxiety about taking the kids to Disney. 



Disney should not be a vacation where anyone in the family has anxiety about going.  It is known as the “Happiest Place on Earth” but for some people it can turn into the “Worst Time of Their Lives.”  A lot goes into planning a Disney vacation, much more than planning a trip to Williamsburg or a cruise, but I am always telling people, you don’t have to do it alone!  We are here to help!


I want to share some of the comments that I heard this weekend because it may be some of the same hesitation that you have or someone you know may have in taking their family to Disney, and what my response was to these anxious moms.


1.)    Comment – “Disney is too expensive to take the whole family” 


Response – “There are several resorts on Disney property that can be costly but did you know that Disney actually has three resort categories to try and fit all budgets?  Maybe the first time you go you can try out a value resort which still offers many great amenities including pools and onsite eating.  When promotions come out we can easily apply them to your reservation so you can even save more money!”


2.)    Comment – “My kids are too young and they won’t remember it”


Response – “That is the best time to go!  If you have kids under the age of three their admission to the park is free and they don’t have to be on a dining plan!  If your kids watch Disney Junior and know who Sofia the First, Jake, or even the characters from Mickey Mouse’s clubhouse then they are going to have a blast.  The first time I took my youngest was at 18 months and her face was so excited every time she met any of the characters, but mostly Sofia the First.  There are plenty of rides that have no height restrictions, and adding Memory Maker to your package allows you to get hundreds of pictures taken that when your child gets older they can see their toddler self with their favorite characters.”



3.)    Comment – “Too much to pack like car seats and strollers.”


Response – “Well let’s make sure you stay at one of the Disney resorts then so you can take advantage of the Magical Express where in the state of Florida on all buses and motorcoaches you don’t need car seats, so then you don’t have to bring them with you.  You don’t want to rent a stroller from Disney as it will cost you as much as a park ticket for the entire weeks, but we have two stroller rental companies that we recommend in Orlando who deliver the stroller right to the resort so when you check-in they bring it out to you and when you check-out you just give it back to the front desk so the company can pick it up at the resort.  No lugging strollers through the airport or packing in the car. 


4.)    Comment – “Food is expensive at Disney and so are the dining plans”


Response – “If your kids and you have specific snacks that you like I always recommend shipping them to the resort ahead of time.  Go to the post office and get a medium flat rate box that will cost you around $18 to ship.  Stuff the box with juices, snacks, Horizon individual milk containers, sun screen, etc.  My last trip I sent down two boxes of food, one was 20 pounds which would have cost me $45 to ship by regular mail but was $17.45 in a flat rate box.  I sent two boxes for under $40 and that left more room in my suitcase for clothes and shoes.  Now this may make me sound like a bad travel consultant, but I am not going to sell a dining plan to someone if they aren’t going to get their money’s worth!  If you plan on doing a lot of characters’ meals, and what I mean by a lot is around every other day, then the dining plan pays for itself.  At that point it is like you are paying for the table service and getting a quick service and snack for free every day.  And their quick service meals are a large amount of food!”


5.)    Comment – “I don’t know the best time of year to go”


Response – “That is why you call me!  There is a lot of historical data to show some of the best weeks to go to the parks without a large crowd of people, but let’s talk about how old your children are and when they are in and out of school.”





Disney is a great place to take the kids at any age.  Whether they are toddlers and are in love with Disney junior characters or are teenagers looking for something thrilling, Disney does have something for all ages.  So if you are on the fence about taking the kids on a Disney vacation, give me a call and we can talk about all the options that are available for you and your family.


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