Best Beaches on the Amalfi Coast

The amount of inquiries to Italy last year to my travel agency increased dramatically. With many of the inquiries that come in, people want to see the iconic Amalfi Coast. Picturesque colorful towns, perched on the cliff side with beautiful sunsets. The beaches have beautiful sunsets and crystal clear water. The only problem is the beaches aren’t like what you get here in the states. The beaches on the Amalfi Coast are a mixture of sand and rock, and are much smaller. You can definitely get a good tan during certain times of the year. 

Before I get into which beaches are the best in the Amalfi coast, I want to make sure you know what the best times of year it is to go. Despite what some people think, it does get cold in Italy. People start to go to Italy the end of March, beginning of April. Around this time of year the temperature averages 50 degrees. In the September and October, the temperature averages between 65 and 75 degrees. If you plan on going swimming during any of these months, please keep in the mind the temperature. 

Here are some of the best beaches along the Amalfi Coast:

  • Spiaggia of Marina Grande in Amalfi – this beach has a central location so it can be very busy from June to September. It is very beautiful beach but due to the docks close by large number of visitors come via boat.
  • Marina Grande in Positano – this beach has the picture-perfect background of Positano. It is a smaller beach but just as perfect to spend a few hours in the sun and enjoy a cool drink.
  • Gavitella Beach in Priaiano – this is one of the smallest beaches on the Amalfi Coast coming in at only 30 meters long. It is mostly a pebble beach so don’t forget your sandals. You also have to take the stairs down to the beach which can be daunting. Once at the bottom the reward is magnificent views of Positano, the island of Li Galli and Capri! This is also one of the best beaches to view the sunset. 
  • Cavallow Morto or Cala Bellavaia of Maiori – if you are staying in Maiori you are already looking for seclusion and relaxation. If you are looking for white sandy beach, crystal clear and deep blue sea waters then this is the beach is a must. The only thing is that this beach is only accessible by boat so make sure to talk to a local fisherman to get you there.
  • Marina Piccola Beach in Sorrento – Even though Sorrento is not known for its’ beaches, there is small beach area that would be nice to spend a few hours. Next to Sorrento Port and Villa Comunale there is a small strip of volcanic sand. This stretch is occupied by both private clubs and a public area where you can enjoy crystal clear waters.  

When thinking of Italy make sure to consider the time of year you are going as it may ruin your plans to go to the beach. Call a Life is Better Traveling travel agent to help you plan so we can make sure it is the best Italy Trip for you.

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