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I am so glad that you are ready to change the game of travel planning! I came up witkeep mickey ears on with borderh these tips because I know there are a million options when searching the internet, and you spend many hours trying to plan the perfect vacation.  Even after hours of research, you sometimes are still worried if you made the right choices for you and your family.  Vacation is a time of togetherness, creating memories, and my favorite part, LOVE.  So I am here to make sure you are focused on those experiences and not worried about anything else, and these tips will help you with just that.

Enjoy these FREE tips on how to plan a headache free vacation.

Tip #1:  Plan Ahead.  The more time you allow yourself for planning the more confident you will in your decision when having to put money down on your vacation.

Tip #2:  Tell Yourself You are Going to Enjoy the Planning Process.  There are many ways to become overwhelmed in the planning process but keep telling yourself that you got this!  Always take a second to realize that all of this planning will lead to an amazing vacation.

Tip #3:  Set a Budget.  Figuring out a budget for your vacation can be difficult.  Always figure out what your budget is for the major components of the trip including airfare, hotel, rail, rental car, and/or transfers.  Once you have those components figured out it really makes planning a lot easier. 

Tip #4:  Ask a lot of Questions.  If you have never been to the place you are planning the vacation then ask around to friends, co-workers, travel consultants, and family members to see if they have been there.  Getting feedback from those who have been there before is worth its weight in gold!

Tip #5:  Read the Reviews.  There are various websites where past clients leave reviews or testimonials of resorts, hotels, and/or destinations.  Read through some of the reviews and see what people are saying.  If the reviews are consistently or repeatedly saying the same thing (good or bad), then you know this is true.  If one or two people say the same thing but nobody else does, then you may want to take those reviews lightly. 

Tip #6:  Understand the Terms and Conditions.  When you are ready to put down that deposit, make sure you understand the terms and conditions from that supplier or travel agency.  Is your deposit FULLY refundable?  When is final payment due?  Are there any services fees?  What happens if you need to cancel?  Do they offer Travel Protection to purchase?  Make sure to ask these types of questions so you don’t lose out on any money later.

Tip #7:  Don’t Plan Alone.  When you plan a vacation with a professional you have a lot more resources at your disposal then if you planned alone.  Your expert will guide you through the planning process and keep you on track.  They are there to answer questions, keep you updated, and make sure that you have the most amazing vacation. 

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