Less Stress Disney Planning

Disney is one of the most magical experiences a person can have in their lifetime.  We all grew up watching Disney movies, wearing Disney paraphernalia, buying Disney toys, and some of us have even had the ultimate Disney experience by going to the parks.  As we get older we still have a place in our
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Mary Yohannan

Cruise Planning Mistakes 101

CRUISING MISTAKES! I love to cruise.  Getting out on the high seas is so peaceful and beautiful.  The gentle sway of the ship back and forth really relaxes me.  But there are some things that can really ruin your cruise if you are not prepared in advance.  Now I can’t take all the credit for
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How to Spot a Dirty Hotel Room

How Dirty is Your Hotel Room?   I have been watching a lot of Hotel Impossible on Netflix lately.  I am strangely drawn to this show where one guy evaluates hotels that are in the decline.  He revamps everything from management, the front desk area, and the cleaning crew’s philosophy on what is actually a clean
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What type of Traveler are You?

I absolutely love my job and the best part of my job is meeting new people.  I love hearing how someone had an amazing time on their vacation! When I hear this it means that I am doing a good job by pairing them on the right vacation.  But how do I know which vacation
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Travel Agent Scams Local Families

For the past couple of weeks I have been writing about reasons one would use a travel agent and to watch out for hidden fees with those large Online Travel Agencies (OTA) like Travelocity.  I recently learned that in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, a lady who was a travel agent had been scamming
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All Fun Must Come to an End :(

It seems like each cruise line has their own “private island” where they make a stop for you to enjoy various water activities, light shopping, heavy eating, and/or a relaxing day at the beach.  We stopped at Royal Caribbean’s Coco Cay.  Unlike Nassau, we had to take a tender from the ship to the island. 
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Weekend Getaway: Nassau

Now the last time I was in Nassau was in 1990 when we took one of the first Disney Cruises.  From what I remember, it was very run down and the main focal point was the purple or maybe blue Merv Griffin hotel/casino.  Today, you can walk down the street and buy anything from Fendi
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