Must-have car items for kids on longer trips.

You may not be flying anywhere, but traveling by car is a must for family trips this summer.  Our family travels all over the Tri-state area during the summertime, which means long car rides.  So what are my must-have items every time we have a car ride?  I am about to give away my favorite,
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Save time when you do this…

How do you get ready for your vacation?  Check lists, organizational chart, or throw it all in one bag?   I am going on a trip this week and even though I plan, arrange, and make sure all my clients have everything they need, I am finding myself a bit out of sorts.  I have
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Kids and Plantations, oh my!

When you travel to the south there is one destination that is always a must, a plantation.  What is a plantation?  It is a large estate with usually several hundreds of acres of land, multiple working buildings, beautiful gardens, some type of cash or food crop, and many working animals.  Plantations are large enough that
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Next up…Charleston, S.C.

If you haven’t been, here’s why you must go!   Our family recently took a family vacation to Charleston, South Carolina.  The last time my husband and I were in Charleston we didn’t have any children and we enjoyed the pleasures of Down Home Southern Cooking.  We walked around the romantic waterfront and sat in
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A Great Place for kids.

Lancaster County is a great place to take the kids.   A few weeks ago we spent an entire week at my parent’s house in Reading, PA.  When my husband has business out of town and it is easier for him to fly out of the Philadelphia airport, we pack up the family and head
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Is convenience always better?

When you travel you always try to make it convenient for yourself.  Some of the things that I have purchased over the years to make travel convenient include a blow up neck pillow, a blow up cushioned seat, smart tablets, versatile clothing, RFID blocking purse, belt with hidden compartment for money and credit cards, foldable
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Is the World of Coca Cola worth a visit?

Pepsi Lovers Feel No Love in Atlanta     So if you read my previous post, then you know our adventures to the Georgia Aquarium exceeded our expectations.  Seeing four whale sharks float above was one of the best experiences that I have had in a while and seeing the kids’ faces light up with
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