Deposit, when to put it down.

When to Put Down that Deposit on Your Next Cruise   The best cruise prices come when you book in advance!  This is especially true when you book 12 to 24 months in advance.  I recently sat down with a business development manager of a huge cruise line, which I am not going to name,
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New at Disney

What’s new at Walt Disney World ? This is going to be a great year to take a Walt Disney World Vacation and I am excited to tell you why! January through March, guests can enjoy Disney After Hours at the Magic Kingdom®.  This is a great time to take advantage of little to no
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How do you measure priceless service?

  Have you ever considered a service you received “priceless”?   My husband and I needed to buy new sneakers for our upcoming Disney vacation because when you take a Disney vacation you walk, on average, 12 miles per day.  Since the last time we had purchased sneakers was five years ago, I figured they
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I love this travel gadget! Find out why….

By the end of this article you will want a portable charger, here is why…   If a store has a travel section, you will find me in it.  Usually in the luggage section there is a small kiosk of travel gadgets.  This is the section where I rummage through what new device or gadget
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Seaweed Takeover in The Caribbean.

For the past couple of months there has been a growing issue in the Caribbean, Seaweed!  Now anytime we go to the beach we encounter seaweed and don’t really think too much of it.  We just walk around it and go on our merry way.  But what if there was a wall 10 feet high
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Less Stress Disney Planning

Disney is one of the most magical experiences a person can have in their lifetime.  We all grew up watching Disney movies, wearing Disney paraphernalia, buying Disney toys, and some of us have even had the ultimate Disney experience by going to the parks.  As we get older we still have a place in our
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Mary Yohannan

Cruise Planning Mistakes 101

CRUISING MISTAKES! I love to cruise.  Getting out on the high seas is so peaceful and beautiful.  The gentle sway of the ship back and forth really relaxes me.  But there are some things that can really ruin your cruise if you are not prepared in advance.  Now I can’t take all the credit for
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All Fun Must Come to an End :(

It seems like each cruise line has their own “private island” where they make a stop for you to enjoy various water activities, light shopping, heavy eating, and/or a relaxing day at the beach.  We stopped at Royal Caribbean’s Coco Cay.  Unlike Nassau, we had to take a tender from the ship to the island. 
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Weekend Getaway: Nassau

Now the last time I was in Nassau was in 1990 when we took one of the first Disney Cruises.  From what I remember, it was very run down and the main focal point was the purple or maybe blue Merv Griffin hotel/casino.  Today, you can walk down the street and buy anything from Fendi
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