Have you learned this lesson from traveling?

Do you know the number 1 lesson learned when traveling?

Here it is….


Despite all of the things that have happened around the world in 2017, traveling in 2018 is still booming.  Why?  Because those who love to travel will always travel and they have learned an important lesson when they travel.  The lesson is that there are kind and amazing people everywhere you go.  I have traveled to third world countries, and despite some of the things that had or were going on there, I never felt in danger.  I had kind people surrounding me and wanting to show me what their culture was all about.  Whether they were preserving thousand year wooden churches that the entire town still went to every Sunday or the legends that surrounded their region, I never felt in danger.  Most of the time they would thank me for visiting for their town.  Actually seeing a country and their culture, not what the news outlets make them out to be, is why traveling is a learning experience for me.

So where will your learning experience be in 2019?  Here are some tips to help you decided where you want to travel in 2019:


Tip #1:  Distance.  It really does depend on how far you are willing to travel.  Maybe you just took a vacation in 2018 that required several flight changes, and/or several hours on a plane, and you are still recovering.  That’s fine.  Pick an amount of time that you are willing to travel via plane or car, and look at the places that are in that time frame or distance from origin. 


Tip #2: Budget. This is a tough question to ask yourself sometimes but figure out how much you willing to spend on a vacation or your budget for all of your vacations for 2019.  Once you have a budget set then you can start to figuring out tip #3. 


Tip #3: Ask yourself what type of vacation to you want to take.  Are you in the mood for an organized motorcoach tour?  Or maybe this is the year of the river cruise?  How about finally staying at one of the Deluxe Hotels in Walt Disney World and taking a Disney behind the scenes tours?  Figure out what you want out of your vacation. 


Tip #4: Gathering the troops!  Group travel is so much fun and most of the time when you are traveling as a group, the group comes up with where to go.  Maybe the answer of where to travel in 2019 lies with the troops, so set a dinner date and start discussing tips 1 through 3. 


Tip #5: Want vs. Need.  There are times when we “need” to travel, i.e. work or a family thing, but make sure that you plan a vacation that you “want” to take.  It is not fun when you have planned a vacation and you are on the fence about taking it.  If, or when, things go wrong on the vacation then you are more likely to tell yourself that you shouldn’t have taken that vacation in the first place.  So make sure you “want” and are very excited about your vacation that all of your friends and family know too!


January is a great time to start asking yourself these questions.  Planning earlier in the year allows you to cross it off your list of things to do in 2019 and guarantees that you get a spot on that motorcoach tour or river cruise or behind the scenes tour at Disney!  Let’s start planning together!

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