Rebecca Tucker, Travel Consultant

Rebecca’s favorite time of year is family vacation time.  She has vacationed with her family each year since birth!  Now having a family of her own, she understands the importance of getting away from day-to-day life and unwinding.  Her passion in creating memories and sharing experiences with loved ones makes her easy to work with when planning your own family vacation.

Rebecca is a true traveler.  Taking once-in-a-lifetime trips to El Salvador in Central America, eating her way through Paris, France, and trekking around India, she has embraced the culture and understanding of what makes these places great.  When here in the States, she enjoys multiple vacations to Hilton Head Island and trips to Atlanta, Georgia each year.  The beach is calming to her, but the food and arts in Atlanta are not to be missed! 

In addition to her love of the ocean and world travel, Rebecca’s kid-at-heart demeanor had her falling in love all over again Walt Disney World and Universal Studios as an adult.  After honeymooning at these two Orlando parks and returning a year later for their anniversary trip, she knew just how truly magical these places were.  Believing in that magic, she wanted to help others experience it, too, and knew vacation planning was how she could share it. 

Rebecca is an organized, detail-oriented person who thrives on sharing personal experiences to help in the vacation planning process.  She is excited to help make your dream trip happen on any budget.  Whether you are a return traveler to Disney or are looking to make a first-time trip to the beach, Rebecca would love to help you make your trip amazing.  Let her handle the details while you make the memories!

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As a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge, Rebecca is recognized as an individual who has attained a special knowledge of Disney Destinations (not an agent, affiliate or employee of Disney).

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