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About Amanda

Amanda has been in the Travel and Hospitality industry for almost ten years.  She started out with getting her education in Hospitality Management, and Travel and Tourism.   After she earned her degrees she worked for Disney Corporation on the Walt Disney World property in Orlando Florida.  She also worked on a cruise ship that cruised around the Hawaiian Island.  Traveling across the country was one of her favorite things that she did it twice!  Her travels have allowed her to travel to over 30 different cities in the United States and throughout Europe. 

Amanda’s interests include learning about the history of various places so she can get a good understanding of the land and culture of every destination she visits.  This passion for history makes her great at being able to design vacations for her clients so they get the most out of their experiences.  Whether she is planning a historical trip to Williamsburg, Virginia or the a river cruise from Paris to Normandy, she loves making that connection for her clients. 

Amanda believes that the best gift you give to anybody is the gift of travel and enjoys giving those unique gifts to her clients.

Looking to plan an upcoming vacation and feeling overwhelmed with all the choices or you don’t know where to even begin? Let Amanda Stocker help take the guess work out of it while saving you time, money and stress. 

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