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What’s Inside the Book?

Resort Difference

With over 20 resorts on-property to choose from how do you know which resort is perfect for your family.  We break down the different categories of each resort and what you will get at each resort.  Now you can decide which resort is going to have your needs.  

Tickets and Genie Information

Four theme parks and two water parks can seem a bit overwhelming, and add in a new ride reservation system, you may not even want to start planning.  Our information on the various levels of tickets, and how to navigate Genie, will help put your mind at ease.  


Is the dining plan worth it?  Everyone asks this question so we decided to give you all the information you need to determine which plan will work best for your family.  After all, Disney does have one of the best amusement park foods so you want to make sure to indulge a bit.    

About Rebecca Tucker, Expert at Disney Travel Planning

Rebecca Tucker

Life is Better Traveling has 11 years of experience helping clients create memories of a lifetime. We have helped thousands of people plan their Magical vacations.

We have won multiple awards including four Magellan awards for being the "best" in the travel industry. 

In addition to her love of the ocean and world travel, Rebecca’s kid-at-heart demeanor had her falling in love all over again Walt Disney World and Universal Studios as an adult.  After honeymooning at these two Orlando parks and returning a year later for their anniversary trip, she knew just how truly magical these places were.  Believing in that magic, she wanted to help others experience it, too, and knew vacation planning was how she could share it. 

Rebecca is an organized, detail-oriented person who thrives on sharing personal experiences to help in the vacation planning process.  She is excited to help make your dream trip happen on any budget.  Whether you are a return traveler to Disney or are looking to make a first-time trip to the beach, Rebecca would love to help you make your trip amazing.  Let her handle the details while you make the memories!

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