Jessica Hutchinson, Travel Consultant

When I was younger I had this strong desire to travel. I knew I wanted to see what else was out there.

I took short road trips initially, getting to know surrounding cities. When I finally had the chance to explore the US capitol, I jumped on the trip. Exploring so many museums, historical sites, and encountering new experiences solidified my desire to travel even more.

Road trips around the United States was my way of seeing the amazing sites that this great, big beautiful country has to offer. Traveling from Minnesota to Chicago to Virginia Beach to Georgia to Florida to Texas, has brought some amazing experiences for myself and my young family. Traveling all over the United States with little ones of my own has come with its challenges, but also all its splendors.

Road trips for romantic getaways to family getaways is my expertise, and I intend to keep seeing as much of this world so my family can keep creating more memories.

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